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Thursday, 14 June 2012 9:30-18:30

In association with EU Russia Innovation Forum 2012 

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® Forum's focus is on the essential: transactions!

The upcoming MoneyTalks® Forum in June 2012 is an efficient international business fundraising and matchmaking event linking international and Finnish high-tech and innovation-based companies, corporations and investors.

MoneyTalks® Forum offers for

venture capitalists, business angels and public financiers, both international and Finnish an excellent opportunity to see and meet exciting start-ups and follow presentations of pre-screened investment-seeking companies. Here is a place where you can find new companies to invest in! 

high-tech and innovation-based companies a possibility to apply for company-to-financier presentation slot, request one-to-one meetings from financiers and other participants and network efficiently. Here is where Finnish and international high-tech companies meet and get business done.

corporations to discover new innovative companies and technologies for partnerships.

all participants new contacts and networking possibilities and a great possibility to have pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with other participants.

Themes: Energy & Environment, Logistics & Mobility

The event is being organized in association with EU Russia Innovation Forum 2012 by Technopolis Plc for the eleventh time. The event will be held in English.

See the full program of EU Russia Innovation Forum:


09.25         Bus transportation from the Lappeenranta railway station

09.30         Registration & Coffee

10.00         Welcoming Remarks

10.10         Keynote Speaker Gilles Bouchard, Vice President, Harvard Angels France
                   Harvard Angels approach to Investing - Philosophy & action

10.35         Seven-Minutes Company Presentations (3 companies)

11.10         Two-Minute Power Pitches (2 companies)

11.15         Networking Break

11.45         Two-Minute Power Pitches (2 companies)

11.50         Seven-Minutes Company Presentations (5 companies)

12.50         Wrap-up

13.00         Buffet Lunch & Networking

14.00         Keynote Speech on International Business
                   for the whole EU Russian Innovation Forum audience at Viipuri Hall
                   Moderator: Pekka Koponen, Founder & CEO, Spinverse, Finland
                   Harri Koponen, Executive Vice President, Rovio Entertainment Ltd, Finland
                   Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor, Skolkova Foundation, Moscow, Russia
                   Ivan Bortnik, Executive Director of the Association of Innovative Regions in Russia (AIRR)
                                         &Chairman of FASIE, Russia
                   Kari Komulainen, Director, International Network, TEKES, Finland

15.00-18.30      Marketplace - Pre-Booked one-to-one meetings.

17.30-19.30      Networking Reception

19.45          Bus transportation to the Lappeenranta centrum and railway station


All rights to make changes reserved by Technopolis.

Pitching Opportunities!

Are you seeking financing and do you have an innovative and scalable new product, application or service? - Apply now!

There will be 6-8 pre-selected investor-targeted seven-minute company presentations and several one-minute power pitches.


Please fill in the pitching application and send it to Janina.salo (at)
by Tuesday, May 22, 2012.


Any questions? Contact Janina Salo

Note that we offer a free sparring for those chosen to pitch seven minutes. The sparring is mandatory to maintain the quality of the pitches. The sparring

takes place between May 31 and June 4.

Pitching application in word-format

Pitching application in pdf-format


Marketplace - one-to-one meetings
What to do?


Deadline for requesting meetings: Thursday, June 6 (24:00).
All the meetings should be accepted or declined by Monday morning, June 11 by 10:00 am.

You need to be registered to the event in order to be able request meetings from other participants.

1.     Selecting meetings

Both companies and VCs can request meetings!

Please request meetings through the participant list. The meetings are requested by opening a profile, choosing a specific company and person from list. And just push send. You can add also a short message.

Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled. Please note: we will do the scheduling and send you your confirmed meeting schedule before the event. It is possible that not all of the meetings which are accepted by both parties can be arrange, due to limited timetables or cancellations.

You can categorize the importance of the meetings by choosing the amount of stars. Five stars = most important, one star = not so important. The categorization cannot be seen by the other party. It is a message used only by the organizers to help making the timetables.

Deadline for requesting meetings is: Thursday, June 6 (24:00).

2.     Answering for meeting request

All the meeting requests should be accepted or declined by Monday morning, June 11 by 10:00 am.

Login to Technopolis Events and go to MoneyTalks Forum. Choose “Meetings” in the top and click a meeting request open. You can add a short message there and some stars indicating the importance of the meeting. Then push accept or reject.

Please note the maximum amount of meetings is 9 per participant.

3.     Schedules

You will receive your individual meeting schedule via email by Wednesday morning before the event.

4.     The meetings

The Marketplace for the one-to-one-meetings during MoneyTalks® Forum is arranged on Thursday, June 14, from 15:00 to 18:30, right after MoneyTalks®. The meetings last a maximum of 20 minutes each. On-site support is available during the whole event from Technopolis staff.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

We look forward to seeing you at the MoneyTalks® Forum

Marketplace in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network

Invited are

High-tech and innovation-based start-up and growth companies seeking financing and partnerships.

Venture capitalists, public financiers, corporate M&A and business angels.

No consultants and service providers: access is limited to sponsors only; please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.


2.     Participation fees

The fee includes participating in MoneyTalks®; Marketplace and Networking Reception.

Early bird special, until Monday, April 30       199€ (+ VAT 23%) per person
Normal fee                                                           299€ ((+ VAT 23%) per person

Technopolis tenants will receive a 40% discount! Please ask us a discount code.

Technopolis reserves the right to limit the number of participants.


3.     Paying instructions

Please pay the participation fee through EU Russia Innovation Forum web page:

Register to EU Russia Innovation Forum and choose MoneyTalks Forum. Remember to check also the rest of the program of the EU Russia Innovation Forum and participate for the whole event.

Cancellations are handled through EU Russia Innovation Forum.


4.     Registration to MoneyTalks Forum

WEB BROWSER: Some problems with IE has reported during registering. Please try Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome instead

1. Create an account to Technopolis Events choosing “Subscribe now” in the right top corner. Or login if you already have an account.

  • 2. Start writing your company name in the box “Search your company…”
  • 3. Select your company in the appearing list or create a new one clicking: “No company found! Click here to add a new company…”
  • 4. Fill in required information and send registration for the account.
  • 5. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Click the link and create a password.
  • 6. Now you can register to MoneyTalks Forum. Choose the event from the Events Home Page and register.
  • 7. Remember to also fill in “What I am looking” and “What I am offering” –sections. Based on your profile financiers and other participants decide if they are interested to meet you.
  • 8. You will receive an email confirmation within two business days about your validation to the event.
  • 9. Now you are ready to see other participants and request meetings from them.

Please, check that your profile and contact information are up to date in “My profile” -section. Your mobile and email is not shown to other users and are used only by the organizers and in event related communication.

VCs: Fill in what kind of companies you are interested! 

What is MoneyTalks®

  • Entrepreneur-to-financier pitching, targeted networking and matchmaking event
  • In close partnership with Finnish and international VCs
  • Pitching by pre-screened high-tech and innovation-based companies
  • Focus on seed and early stage financing
  • Established by Technopolis Ventures in 2006

MoneyTalks® in Figures

  • 45 monthly events since Fall 2006
  • 10 bi-annual special events since Spring  2007
  • 190+ companies presented
  • 3400+ participants
  • 80+ of participating companies received financing

Check Q&A or contact us! 

Riikka Torpo
Project Manager, Networking services
Enterprise Europe Network Finland
Mob. +358 40 731 2585   
e-mail: riikka.torpo (at)

Janina Salo
Venture Analyst, Growth Services
Mob: +358 40 687 7250
e-mail: janina.salo (at)

Saana Sandberg
Events Coordinator
Mob. +358 400 368 599
e-mail: saana.sandberg (at)

Tekniikantie 12, FI-02150 Espoo, FINLAND


Technopolis Plc 
works to discover new companies and helps them grow and succeed. Technopolis combines modern premises with business and development services into one package to provide the optimal environment for high-tech companies. Measured by the number of corporate customers, Technopolis is one of the Europe's largest technology center operators.

Enterprise Europe Network Finland
Europe's largest network offering practical internationalization and partnering services for globally aimed SME-companies, universities and research centers in over 40 countries.

Why doesn’t my profile show in the participant list?

      All the profiles are validated by Technopolis before they are published. You will receive an email confirmation within two business days about your validation to the event. After receiving the confirmation, please login to the Technopolis Events and buy a ticket to the event. After payment you will get full access to the event information. Please note that the ticket fees include VAT 23%.

How are the meeting schedules done?

      We will do the scheduling for you after the meeting requests have been accepted. You will receive your timetable via email shortly before the event.

Why aren’t my accepted meetings in the timetable?

      Due to limited timeslots or cancellations, it is possible that not all the meetings which are accepted by both parties can be arranged.

Do I have to write the profile again if I have attended previous MoneyTalks Forums?

      You need to register once for Technopolis Events which is providing a new online registration service for signing up for all of our events. There is no charge for this registration. After the registration you need to complete your profile in the “My Info” section and thereafter the information will be automatically updated e.g. for the event’s list of participants. No more writing new profiles every time! You will also be able to add event specific information.

Cancellation policy?

      The Customer has the right to cancel an ordered participation in an event (e.g. training, seminar or coaching events) up to one week prior to the event. The cancellation fee of €10,85 will be charged from the credit card. Should the cancellation take place after that, Technopolis is entitled to charge the whole price.

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    • Start:
    • 14 June 09:30, 2012
    • End:
    • 14 June 18:30, 2012
    • Venue:
    • Lappeenranta University of Technology, Skinnarilankatu 34 ,
    • Event type:
    • The event is for limited audience. All participants are validated, and informed by email.
    • Language:
    • The event will be held in English
  • Deadlines
    • Early bird:
    • 30 April 00:00
    • Last call:
    • 4 June 00:00
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